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Free Release Friday: Los McAllister’s self titled LP

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Feedback noise, girls, love, black leather jackets: rock n’ roll.

México’s very own Los McAllister were the first Latin-American artists to be inducted into Our Vinyl’s Back Of The Rack compilation last year and it’s been quite a trip for them since then. Formed in 2009 by the urge of 2 architecture students and one soon-to-be furniture maker (for real) raised by The Libertines records, our country’s mindless pop based radio stations and the lack of a proper rock and roll scene; Paco, Diego and Ronco took their name out of The Simpsons’ Captain McAllister. You know: that old creepy sailor with a lazy eye.

And as odd as that character appears to be, there’s a similar oddness in Los McAllister way of living and working: there are no major ingredients than guitar, bass, drums and a little bit of harmonica; no string arrangements, no synthesizers, and no auto tune (finally!). They got nothing but a classic rock vive and huge balls. They do it the old school way: the honest and true way.

This path has taken them to stage sharing the One Music & Arts Festival with Chromeo, the 72810 Festival with Modest Mouse, Peter Murphy, Public Enemy and Datarock and to be the opening act for Foster The People’s last tour stop in Guadalajara. And as honest as their roots, comes their first self-titled album (click here to download it FOR FREE!): 10 tunes perfectly crafted to fit your summer as this crazy June is just starting.

Beginning with a little feedback as Scream For Me comes out of the speakers, the brit-rock influence is clear at first hearing. Paco’s raspy voice and crystal clear bass lines fit perfectly with Diego’s drumming and Ronco’s 60’s guitar licking style. The second song, Vals-B, implements a catchy chorus and a dirty guitar solo, while Madly’s goofiness

An obvious The Libertines tribute is placed on the fourth slot of the album with Moscow, one of the best and catchiest songs in the album, with a guitar tone similar to the Barât/Doherty combo. Right after that beast, comes Kissed, with Paco’s voice stretching back and forth between sorrow, defeat, desperation and vengeance and Ronco delivering the craziest guitar solo on the album.

Finally, halfway through, the icing on the cake and first single appears. A perfect balance between longing, love, truthful rock and roll: Crazy June. That’s why it was chosen back in November. It’s simple yet so memorable. Both bold and adorable, contains the best lyrics of the album ”Don’t even miss you anymore, don’t even love you now: I just remember you”. This is the song that grabs you and turns you into a member of the Crazy Junes Fan Club (it actually exists).

At the lucky 7 spot, a harmonica greets your ears with Sepia Colors & Polaroid Moments, a “lay back and enjoy” moment before this whole Friday journey ends. Whistled chorus, light guitar strums and beats take you back to that epic time when you and your girl (or boy) were part of an unique world for two. Trash complements the song, like an upbeat version of Sepia with a little more testosterone and the statement “There is no more fire in you”.

An anthem for all the ladies lacking common sense is the second to last sound package to be delivered: Stupid Girl. A statement about a lost battle against a woman, but with a little bit of hope left as the words “Call me tomorrow” won’t let go off the past.

The ultimate tribute to the marriage between fashion and rock n’ roll’s favorite weapon of choice, no matter if you are a performer of just a fan: Black Leather Jacket. The best thing you can ever own (besides a guitar or another noise making machine). Known since the 1950’s era and known as a visual statement of the kind of music you love and breathe, it was about time someone made a proper song for it. Because, let’s face it: every time we wear it, we become something else. We let our inner rocker out and embrace the world as our stage, the air as our guitar, the nearest table as our drums and bleed our throats out (even if it’s just for our own amusement or at a rock concert).

Be sure to give Los McAllister a good listen and keep an eye on them: a brand new EP is in the making and looks promising. Their career was against all odds from the beginning, but along with their help and other underground bands, the Mexican rock scene is taking his place on the spotlight little by little.

A Free Release Friday never felt this good: crazy June and crazy summer are already here. Just what we needed after all these crazy times of drug wars, sadness, kidnapping and bad media attention: the fun and enjoyment of youth was finally put back in rock and roll.

Thank you, compadres.

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer


In case you missed it, here is the download link for Los McCallister’s free album.