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Free Friday Release: To Kill A King’s “Word of Mouth” EP

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It’s time for another Free Friday Release article! While there are many albums that are offered without a cost (and no, we are not referring to torrenting albums), not all of them are worth having. But when we do find a high quality album that the musician(s) have decided to generously give away to the public we save it for a Friday Free Release. Because giving away first-rate music that you labored to create is a pretty damn cool thing to do, and worth taking note of.

to kill a king word of mouthTo Kill A King is a band out of London. “Word of Mouth” is a 6 song EP that was released in July of this year. Their sound is something like relaxed indie rock meets folk, but with a twist. The first association that came to this author’s mind was Noah and the Whale, because the lead singer has that same engagingly waxy vocal style where the pace often falls somewhere between singing and talking emotively. Plus, they take on some of life’s larger issues, or at least more heartfelt issues, in their lyrics. Paul Simon also comes to mind (except they don’t talk in coded lyrics). They employ developed song progressions, so be sure to let the songs entirely play out before you decide if you like them. It’s very sincere and well thought out music.

Funeral is a toe-tapping number that builds to an enjoyable crescendo of sorts and show what their version of pent up energy sounds like. Beside She Says is meant to be a reflective & mellow song, but with a few different tempo & styles are used to access that feeling. It’s a very dynamic song in that manner. Wolves is a fun one, it begins with a playful country guitar riff, but then weaves it’s way into a strutter that might cajole you into some movement.

But enough of my talking, you should listen to the songs below and decide for yourself. And then head over to the band’s bandcamp site (or just press “Download” below) to freely get yourself a copy of this album!

Written by Sean Brna

OurVinyl | Editor