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Free Friday Release: Langhorne Slim & The Law’s “This is the Way We Move” EP


[Note: As you read, listen to the EP, which is embedded at the bottom of this article!}

Langhorne Slim & The Law are no strangers to OurVinyl. We’ve recorded an live session with them, caught them impromptu once at Wakarusa Festival, and have reviewed concerts of theirs. Since then Langhorne went on a sold out UK tour with The Lumineers, and have generally just been starting to turn heads (which has been no surprise to us!). So when we heard that they were offering their latest EP for free, well we figured that was news worth sharing. As anytime a talented and accomplished artist/band willingly offers up their high quality music, which they’ve so hard labored to create, we should all take notice.

Langhorne Slim & The Law play a sort of at times raucous, at times touching, Americana folk rock. But there’s always a nice helping of a raspy soulful vocals to lead you through each track. There is also always a dash of in-the-moment-jam found in their songs, even their studio recordings, that lend them an excellent live-in-your-livingroom feel that isn’t easily achieved in studio recordings.

“This is the Way We Move” is a 5 song EP. From the first track, the title track, which is just a jolly good time – to the more reflective banjo-centric, yet totally toe tapping friendly “Bad Luck” – to the blues-based rock n’ roll jamboree “Summertime” – this little EP offers a great taste of the musical spectrum provided by Langhorne Slim & The Law.

To download the EP just visit (or you can click the download button in the audio player below). You u can offer a donation to the band for the download if you choose, or you can download it for free (just be sure to tell your friends about it via social media if you do!).

Of course, if you need more convincing, just listen to the tracks below!

Written by Sean Brna

OurVinyl |Editor