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Free Friday Release: Joe Pug’s EP ‘In The Meantime’

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Happy Friday everyone! On this joyous day we like to highlight a free release that has been put out for your costless enjoyment. While there is always music out there that is released for free, there is always that all-too-human way of thinking; “If this is free, how good can it really be?” Once again, we have done the vetting for you, and this is a free download worth having, especially if you enjoy emotively descriptive singer-songwriters, Joe Pug‘s EP ‘In the Meantime’.

Joe Pug is a Chicago singer-songwriter who brook out onto the scene in 2008. He gathered much attention, locally at least, with his first two EPs. His first full length album ‘Messenger’ was just released in 2010. But this free download is one of his aforementioned EPs, ‘In The Meantime’. Joe Pug plays a brand of acoustically anchored, Americana roots singer songwriter tunes. There is a definite western undertone to his music, but it’s not country, it’s not all the way there. It’s “Mid-Western” you could say, which fits a Chicagoan.

A live version of Joe Pug’s song In The Meantime, found on the free EP of the same name.

The beauty isn’t hidden, it lies in his voice, and emotive lyrics and uncomplicated – but at times arresting – acoustical strumming. The first two songs on this EP show this well, as it’s just him, his instrument, and the microphone. At times one can’t help but be reminded of an indie, non-texan, Lyle Lovett. This is a 5 song EP that overall exudes a very calm and subdued tone, where the complexity lies in the emotion and lyrics, and not the guitar picking. It’s great to listen to while reading, driving in traffic, or just relaxing. Good Sunday music for sure.

To get your free download of this EP just enter your email address into the window below. Yes you will be on his mailing list. Yes, it’s more than worth it!