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Freddy Jones Band’s “In a Daydream”

Song Of The Day

Song: “In A Daydream”
Artist: Freddy Jones Band
Album: Waiting For The Night

Although today’s Song of the Day comes from a live acoustic set performed at Lincoln Hall in Chicago earlier this year, “In A Daydream” by Freddy Jones Band really is a flashback to the early nineties. The 1994 song was a local radio hit for this Midwest band, and quite frankly will perk up any Tuesday morning (or any other day of the week for that matter). The band, formed in the late eighties, toured the United States building a strong fan base, but went on hiatus in 2001. In 2005, Freddy Jones Band returned to playing shows in their native Chicago, and can also be caught live around the Midwest. Their album ‘Time Well Wasted,’ recorded live in 2007, is the band’s newest release since 1999. This is a band to see in concert especially when they continue to play their “oldies but goodies,” which truly make a music lover’s soul happy. Here’s to a good Tuesday morning.

Written by Linda Turk