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Frank Ocean’s “Strawberry Swing”

Song Of The Day

Coldplay covers and remixes have become far from rare as the band has climbed to the tops of the pop ranks, but the rendition of “Strawberry Swing” from Frank Ocean’s 2011 debut album Nostalgia, Ultra is as unique as it comes.

Over the past year, Frank has grown from a little-known OFWGKTA associate to an international icon-in-the-making, and one of the brightest rising talents in the music industry. His consistent, imagery filled songwriting is unlike anything around, and his refreshing take on “Strawberry Swing” and many others helped propel his debut to worldwide notoriety.

Look out for Mr. Ocean in the near future, as he prepares his first full-length studio release, and take some time to catch up with Nostalgia, Ultra if you missed it in the past.

written by Andrew Judson Heindel