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First Summer Interview & Quick Update

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One of our first interviews for the summer looks to be with another talented Midwest group Ha Ha Tonka.  We’ll be catching up with the band in Chicago to begin gathering footage next month.  I’ve found it difficult to describe the groups sound but, the guys describe their sound as “foot stompin’ indie rock”. Personally they almost remind me of a folkier or a more soulful Kings of Leon.  I do have to say the opening harmonies and vocals in Walking On The Devil’s Backbone immediately caught my attention.  It is nice to see a solid band come out of my home state of Missouri.  The group’s originally from Springfield, MO and kept s true to its roots by naming the band after a hometown State Park.   Here’s a link to the group’s myspace and take a look at Caney Mountain to get a feel for a new refreshing sound. is also now registered as an LLC. Let us know if you are interested in pursuing a summer internship in photography, design, film, finance, or marketing. Check back soon as we look forward to opening the door to new opportunities.

Written By:
Michael Reuther