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Fionn Regan’s “Put A Penny In The Slot”

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I usually don’t give advice, but there’s no need to think twice, it’s alright. Everything feels alright while listening to Fionn Regan.

Born in Ireland in the body of a kid back from the 80’s but with the soul of a 60’s songwriter within, Fionn writes around the same imaginative style established by Donovan and Dylan in their flower power era.

Out of his debut album The End of History from 2006, comes Put A Penny In The Slot. With verses that wriggle throughout a simple yet captivating instrumentation, his voice takes you on a journey through a strange word that involves dogs, lost loves, the search for answers, drunken sailor, book authors and telescopes. This track is great piece of modern old-timey folk, worth listening every time your day needs to feel a little brighter.

Be wise, listen twice (at least).

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer


Fionn Regan’s “Put A Penny In The Slot”