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FIDLAR’s Self Titled Debut – Album Review

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FIDLAR (short for the skater mantra “Fuck it Dog, Life’s a Risk”) are not a political band. They don’t sing about technology and isolation nor are they creating concept albums about life in the suburbs. No, instead, FIDLAR write about being young, drunk, fidlar self titled reviewbroke, and high. And even though their subject matter may not be of utmost importance in the grand scheme of things, their failure to say something meaningful about society is forgiven because their songs, are simply, catchy as fuck.

FIDLAR’s self-titled debut opens up with “Cheap Beer,” a punchy tribute to PBR, Natural Light, or whatever shit beer happens to be popular wherever you live. The next song, “Stoked and Broke,” is a grinding slacker anthem that proclaims a love for being unemployed and living high “on cocaine and shitty pills.” The third song, “White on White,” is a blistering hard rock track about being the world’s shittiest soldier – instead of doing whatever soldiers are supposed to do overseas, FIDLAR’s protagonist decides to run “through the desert trying to find the beach.” So in the opening three songs, FIDLAR establish their first record’s basic themes – liquor, drugs, and a compete lack ambition.

FIDLAR’s “White on White”

fidlar self titled reviewThe themes may be predictable by track four, but FIDLAR’s sound is anything but. Yes, FIDLAR is considered a skate-punk band (so much so that they’re selling limited edition skateboards along with vinyl copies of their album) – but that’s not to say their sound fits neatly in a Vans Warped Tour-approved genre. Quite the contrary, FIDLAR excel at the grindcore (“Cocaine,” “Paycheck”), power pop (“5 to 9,” “LDA,” “Gimme Something”), old school punk (“Wait for the Man,” “Wake Bake Skate”), and even surf rock (“Max Can’t Surf”).  These guys, for how inebriated they like to tell us they are, sure are able to clear their heads long enough to write some serious ear-worm quality melodies.

The only misstep on this record is “Whore” – a song about a young, heartbroken dude that borders on misogyny by repeatedly accusing his ex of being “such a whore.” It’s a shame this song made it onto FIDLAR’s debut when several songs from their Don’t Try EP (“No Ass,” “Got No Money”) or their Shit We Recorded in Our Bedroom EP (“West Coast,” “Crackhead Ted”) would have been right at home on this band’s brilliantly bratty debut.

FIDLAR is a young band with some serious potential – as long as they don’t actually practice the amount of boozing they preach in the songs, they stand an excellent chance to be the next great punk band from LA.

Written by Miguel Morales

OurVinyl | Contributor


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FIDLAR’s “Gimme Something”