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Festival Documentary in Chicago is looking for People

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To our Chicagoland readers, or to those who will be attending Lollapalooza and the North Coast Music Festival:

This year our festival film-making friends are capturing the festival experience in a new light. If you already have tickets to Lolla or North Coast, we’d like to embed a cameraman with you and your friends to film you and your friends as you prepare for, enjoy, and detox from your fest experiences this summer.

If you are interested in being in this film and are attending those festivals, please email Michael.Raspatello@gmail.com with the subject line of INTERESTED IN BEING IN FESTIVAL FILM. Please provide 2 – 3 paragraphs explaining why you would be a good match for this experience. If you look like a good fit you will be contacted shortly, if not. Please know we may get a large response and will not be able to respond to everyone.