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Feral Brood

Feral Brood @Sheffield’s O2 Academy


One of Yorkshires newest Indie Rock bands, Feral Brood blew the audience away at one of their first gigs on Saturday night. After recently breaking onto the music scene at West Yorkshires Crooked Ways Festival in May, this feral broodintimate concert at Sheffield’s O2 Academy showed this 5 peice demonstrate pure unfiltered indie rock talent.

Supported by an array of talented indie rock bands; Doused, Blind Drivers, Retrospectives and Ripoff Britain, the gig showed softer sides to rock with band, Blind Drivers, however still delivering an attitude and performance which outlines British rock. The support also demonstrated a bigger presence of rock in the indie rock genre with upcoming band Ripoff Britain.

Ripoff Britain were the penultimate band to take the stage, and it’s safe to say that their Rock’n’ roll, blues influenced sound gave more than a taste of what indie rock music should be about today. The three piece band recently one the ‘best live band’ award from the Sheffield Scenester, and are due to air on BBC radio Sheffield after being interviewed. During the performance they showed expertise and finesse, with cut-throat guitar riffs and charm from lead vocal and guitarist Moz Casserly and a hard hitting rhythm and bass section from Skinny Darnell (drums) and Pete Boterill (Bass). They have the capacity to rock out without losing the ability to show true feeling through subtle vocals, clever lyrics and changes in key, demonstrated when they played their last song ‘Buttercup’, an instant fan favourite. Ripoff Britain were more than enough to gear the crowd up for Feral Broods entrance.

Including members from the already well known rock and bluesy band, Elephant Keys from Sheffield, each member of Feral Brood is a master of their trade. Effortlessly meticulous, people in the crowd were left stood in awe of their raw and gut-punching sound.

Front men Phil Goodwin and Dan Williamson captivated the Academy with their compelling vocals, ironclad guitar playing and undeniable charisma. Matched by drummer Eric Miller and Bassist Russ Frisby, who delivered a high impact rhythm section certain to knock you for six and played loud and hard enough for you to feel the music shaking through your very bones. Completed only by piano/organist Tom Goodwin, whose electric piano playing was almost reminiscent of sounds heard on tracks by classic Rock Band, The Doors. His intense energy and animated self made it impossible to take your eyes off of him.

They played their recently released debut track “Machines,” (featured below) which made an instant jaw dropping quiver run up your spine with catchy guitar and an illustration of the astonishing combination of vocals that Phil and Dan deliver. Also played was “Cold” which made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and was powerful enough to give you Goosebumps so strong that they could turn your hands numb. Feral Brood are an instantly likable band, full of passion and brimming with talent. It’s no surprise that these boys are billed to be playing at Sheffield’s award winning Tramlines festival in July, alongside other talented local bands, and already well known We Are Scientists. For anyone interested in new music, Feral Brood are one of the bands to look out for.

Written by:
Rhiannon Drew | Our Vinyl Contributor