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February 2013

Back of the Rack: February 2013

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Welcome back to another issue of Back of the Rack! Winter Doldrums got you down? Turn that frown upside down! OurVinyl’s got your back, with another dose of the newest, freshest tracks perfect for putting a pep in your step.

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We have ten new artists featured in this month’s issue, all criminally unknown and uncannily talented. So pull up a chair, connect your speakers or pop in some headphones, and get ready for another great issue of Back of the Rack!

AlannaRoyale_LaurenNapierPhotography-450x299Alanna Royale – “Animal”
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: soul, pop

Don’t be fooled, Alanna Royale isn’t the name of a singer, but rather of a Nashville, Tennessee based seven man group, getting down and funky on tracks like this one, “Animal.” Stocked with grooves and horns (three of them, to be exact) to get your dancing feet moving, Alanna Royale throw plenty of swing into their music, giving off a feeling of nostalgia for dimly lit dance floors from a time past.

adios ghostAdios Ghost – “Fernseher”
Brooklyn, New York
Genre: indie, pop, rock

Adios Ghost formed in Brooklyn back in 2010 as a group of friends collected in a dirty old garage and started experimenting together. What’s come out of that meeting is a unique sound Adios Ghost can call their own, a generally upbeat yet haunting kaleidoscope of sounds that bounce from lick to lick as echoing vocals trace over the melody. Fans of the Shins may find themselves comfortable here. Adios Ghost released their first EP in October of 2012 – you can find it on the band’s homepage, listed above.

song dogsSong Dogs – “Wild Country”
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Genre: americana, country, rock

“Wild Country,” the title track off of Song Dog’s December 2012 LP, harkens back to an earlier day in America’s past. Song Dogs have been hunting this sound down since 2009, when the band formed and worked on material until the release of 2011’s first self-titled EP. Influenced by the likes of Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, and the Allman Brothers, Song Dogs have brought a new sound to Philadelphia with an old vibe, building support in the northeast. As word spreads on Wild Country, it’s only a matter of time before that support spreads nationwide.

the_stone_foxesThe Stone Foxes – “Everybody Knows”
San Francisco, California
Genre: rock, blues

The Stone Foxes play traditional blues rock, just gritty enough to get your boots stomping. From the crunchy electric guitar to harmonizing harmonica, wailing vocals to sturdy low end, “Everybody Knows” is an homage to everything blues. It’s hard not to like a group so clear in their intentions, like the Stone Foxes, who don’t seem out to wreck havoc or party hard as much as they want to sit back and reflect. The Stone Foxes newest album will be released this month, so keep an eye out for it.

desertDesert Dolls – “The Magnate”
Mexico City, Mexico
Genre: rock

Formally known as Lyonesse, Desert Dolls are making a racket in the Mexico music scene – literally. Influenced by rock legends like The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes and The Clash, Desert Dolls like their sound loud and their guitars distorted. Blending classic rock, southern rock, indie, and blues, the four piece band have been busy blazing a trail in their hometown of Mexico City, marking the path for those who will one day follow in their footsteps. Check out “The Magnate” to get a feel for the band’s raw rock sound.

everynightEvery Night You Will Think – “Flight to Big Stone”
Stratford, Connecticut
Genre: dance, hip hop, electronica

Rodney Twyne, the mind behind music project Every Night You Will Think, comes from an eclectic background in music. Playing in jazz band in school, forming a local punk band, and spending five years in drum and bugle corps were all heavy influences on Twyne, who would go ahead and start work on his own project after an illness kept him from another year with the drum and bugle corps. What’s come out is experimental electronica with hints of hip hop and funk, all the product of Every Night You Will Think’s varied past.

lasercakeLaser Cake – “Oh My A”
Calgary, Canada
Genre: rock, indie

Laser Cake, from Calgary’s Lazy Man Records, is looking to take indie rock and make it a little more fun on “Oh My A,” off of the band’s latest EP that was released this January. A slower jam highlighted by a crafty guitar solo about three quarters though, “Oh My A” is sing-a-long ready, churning and chugging through its three minutes and forty seconds – a perfect closer for their live show.

andersonAnderson East – “Fire Song”
Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: americana, rock, soul

On September 18th of 2012, Anderson East released Flowers of the Broken Hearted, the guitarist/pianist/vocalist/songwriter’s debut album. A native of Athens, Alabama, East hadn’t intended for the release to span two records, but found himself there organically as the original track list found itself doubled with counterpoint songs, written about the same topics, but from a different point of view. Disc One, (white) takes a more old fashioned, Americana approch to songwriting, while Disc Two, (Red) goes about things in a more modern landscape. Check out “Fire Song” here, the debut single from the album.

HolmHolm – “Reasons” (Day 5)
Boston, Massachusetts
Genre: hip hop, instrumental, electronica

Jay Thatcher May is the man behind Holm, a hip hop instrumental project heavily based in chillwave and electronica. His debut release, Best of Days 1-50, is a 20-track effort that spotlights relaxed rhythms and calm beats. Making music since 2010, Holm’s sound feels like a gentle ride down a lazy river, lulling listeners into a meditative state of contemplation. Just don’t be surprised if it makes your neck groove in the process.

undividedWest of Aldine – “Bravo!”
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Genre: rock, indie

West of Aldine is all about the groove, as featured here in “Bravo!’” where the band take listeners on a ride of pop magic — focusing on melody and rhythm to get the good times flowing. The band had originally been a small acoustic group, but West of Aldine expanded into a full fledged band and incorporated more personal tastes, the sounds have evolved into crowd pleasing upbeat head bobbers. Now with three releases under their belt, including their newest LP, Undivided, released just this month, West of Aldine seems primed to take the next big step in popularity.

About The Artist:
Ily Phelps has worked with OurVinyl before, and is a graphic artist and illustrator living and working in Nashville. Phelps loves to work with bright and fun colors, incorporating them into minimalistic design. Music and warm summer days are her main inspiration for most of her work.

February 2013

Looks like we’ve reached the end of another issue of Back of the Rack – but don’t fear! We’ll be back next month with another batch of the best new tracks being dropped across the globe. Don’t forget to support your favorite artists in this month’s issue with follows on Twitter, likes on Facebook, and most importantly, tickets to shows. We’ll see you next month.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor