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Just about a year ago, Farewell Milwaukee released “When It Sinks In,” their sophomore release that made large strides from 2009’s debut LP, “Autumn Rest Easy.” With hints of indie, pop, blues, and folk, Farewell Milwaukee, now in their fourth year as a group, feel as though they’re on the verge of something special.

Honest songwriting stands out with the midwestern five piece, led by songwriter/vocalist Ben Lubeck. Lubeck makes it a point to take an annual trip to his lakeside home for the winter, with the goal of writing as many songs as possible. After his 2009/2010 session, the group spent the Spring whittling down the tracks, molding together what would become “When It Sinks In.”

Farewell Milwaukee has slowly evolved from the somber sounds of “Autumn Rest Easy” to a more joyous, enriched, grateful feel, culminating in tracks such as “Loveable/Kind,” the closing number on “When It Sinks In.” While the band has come to call Minneapolis, Minnesota their hometown, the individual members are proud to bring the roots of their respective midwestern towns to the table when putting together their material.

An Americana soundtrack to road trips and dive bars, Farewell Milwaukee has grown a fan base by making music that reflects their surroundings. It translates well in a live setting, to boot. Midwesterners striving to find a sound representative of their generation’s experiences have embraced the band full heartedly, supporting live events and spreading the word to new listeners. For Farewell Milwaukee, it looks like the fun is just beginning.

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We had the pleasure of having a photographer join us at this session. You can check out some behind the scenes photos courtesy of Molly Mantlow of Mantlow Photography. Here’s a link to some of the photos from the session: http://www.facebook.com/ourvinyl/photos

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Dean Goranites | Associate Editor