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Farewell Continental’s “Dagger, Dagger, Terror, Terror”

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Artist: Farewell Continental
Album: iHey, Hey Pioneers!
Song: Dagger, Dagger, Terror, Terror

Farewell Continental is alternative/indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band features members from several bands, most notably Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack. All band members go by pseudonyms from Harrison Ford movies. The style of music while falling mostly into the above genres has heavy influences from ’90s indie rock like Husker Du and Pavement. The band has released two EPs that got some initial fans behind the project, but on May 10, 2011 the band release their first full length record, iHey, Hey Pioneers! The song chosen has that ’90s indie sound with vocals that sound a little bit like Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. This project is pretty interesting as the songs on the record differ quite a bit while still having that retro indie rock sound. Do yourself a favor and check this band and record out!
Written by Michael Schmidt

Dagger, Dagger Terror, Terror by Farewell Continental