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Family of the Year

Family of the Year’s “Buried”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song of the day is “Buried” from Family of the Year. I came across this song, as you can also, on OurVinyl.TV within the Indie genre video section. It was recorded by one OurVinyl’s partner sites, the Wilcox Sessions.

This song is a fun loving, sing along, type of acoustic indie pop song. Your toes will probably want to tap along with the tambourine and you may find yourself pleasantly humming along with the chorus upon the first listen. Plus the video has a cool mirror/split screen thing going on that entices the eyes well.

To see this video on just go to In OurVinyl.TV one can view videos (not music videos mind you, they are exclusive and original recordings with original audio) by genre, like/dislike songs, and add them to your personal library to access at any time. Depending on what you like/dislike the site will show you videos and songs that you will probably enjoy – which is how I found this song. To sign up yourself go to You have nothing to loose and great new music to gain.