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Faith No More: This Guy’s In Love With You

Song Of The Day

Song: “This Guy’s In Love With You”

Artist: Faith No More

Album: Who Cares A Lot


People tend to get so caught up in their hit songs “Epic” or “We Care A Lot” and forget what a wildly diverse and original band Faith No More was. More than the sum of lead singer Mike Patton’s weirdness, it was a cornucopia of musical ideas from all genres of music, shifting from death metal howls of anguish one song to singing  slinky lounge jazz in another. Any yet, despite how wildly the styles careened back and forth, it always felt fresh and cohesively under their control.


In this fan favorite live staple, they cover one of pop music’s best composers, Burt Bacharach. This is one of his best songs and the band performs it with a genuineness that shows their honest love for the the song, complete with Mike Patton playing a mouth organ to give it that cinematic French cafe feel. It may be different than most of their recorded material, but it shows the diversity and true skill this band has to offer and hopefully will continue to offer now that they are together again.

Written by:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer