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Everything Everything

Everything Everything’s “Cough Cough”

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Everything Everything – an electro-indie band from Manchester, UK – have been worming their way into the UK music scene slowly but surely over the past  5 years and since the release of their debut album “Man Alive” in 2010.

Advocates of “Bizarre’n’B”, their style is frantic and sparky, infused with synths and drum beats. The first single of their new material to be released, Cough Cough, is a key example of their quirky style. Listening to the intro, a remix of someone coughing with drum beats, you can just tell you’re in for something a little different with the track!

The chop and change of tempo between the verses and the chorus are features that stand out in the song; you can feel the flow of the song change around you as you listen to it. The use of group vocals and the frontman, Jonathan Higgs’ ability to dip in and out of falsetto are great examples of the entire band using their vocals as instruments, adding texture to the track. Cough Cough is catchy and addictive with an upbeat vibe, and is a great precursor of things to come for the band.

The song is available for download now, and will be released on their album, “Arc” on the 14th January 2012.

Written by Ashley Chalmers

OurVinyl | Contributor