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Euphoria Music Festival Lights Up the Night


The roaring zoom of fast cars was far from the scene at Thunderhill Raceway on April 7th. Typically a sea of rubber and revved up engines, The Euphoria Music Festival was filled with an incredible and electrifying production of neon lights, color, and an extensive and varied line up of top-notch DJ Magazineʼs Top 100 EDM artists and music from every corner of the electronic galaxy.

Just about every electronic groove from experimental, electro, to trance, techno, progressive, or the bombastic womp of dubstep, every slamming beat could be heard, probably for miles on the events 4 stages. Put on by Austin based, Vivid Sound Entertainment the festival was quite the visual production, with art, towering organic bamboo structures (the Love Stage) or the mod illuminated screens of the Peace Stage, all amidst an LED frenzied sea of colorful costumes, flame and go go dancers.

The festival line up itself was a well-calculated mix of local and international, traditional to experimental beats, that kept the steady stream of festivalgoerʼs and hoopers dancing into the morning. Setting the pace early were sets by the brilliant innovative sounds of Welder, to the crunk, disco beats of Hot Like Sauce, the funky electronic grooves of Texas local, DJ SiaKo or the riveting original beats and high energy mixes of Houstonʼs Audio Runner.

DJ Donald Glaude’s remix of Battery Pull

Legendary DJ Donald Glaude sent the dancing nightfall wave into a bend, with an intense mix of hard-hitting energy and connection, as only he is known and loved for. Seasoned DJʼs Glenn Morrison, Roger Shah and Lange blew away the mass crowd each with their unique mix of high quality, melodic dance beats and mixes. As the night drew heavy, the festival made way for a night filled with insane dirty beats from the likes of Rednek, Darth & Vader, to Calvertron.

The EDM A-list also had quite an array of new talent. Miami newcomer DJ Nine Three, made quite the head-banging, foot-stomping statement with his sick beats and hot mixes in the artist tent and came away with a great overall Euphoria experience. “I thought Euphoria had an excellent lineup (especially for a first year shindig) and their stage, sound, and lighting values were excellent. ….they throw one hell of a pre party. I see Euphoria Music Festival 2012 as having huge potential to get better and better every year. I met many great people and gained some solid connections so overall I would chalk Euphoria up to a huge success and I can’t wait to see where they take it!”

The festival lineup was certainly ear candy of every kind and festivalgoerʼs to artists alike found the event to be not only quite a masterstroke list of talent, but a well organized event full of Texas style hospitality that many look forward to again.

Story & pictures by Alma Soto | | @mommasoto

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