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Escondido Live on OurVinyl.TV


escondido liveEscondido is comprised of Nashville, TN-based artists Jessica Maros and Tyler James. Both coming from successful previous careers (James in Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and Maros owning her own clothing line), the pair are putting their heads together to create a unique and refreshing piece of Nashville’s already amazing music scene.

According to their website, the two met each other while Tyler was recording a mutual friend at his home studio. Maros was strumming a little tune on her acoustic guitar during some down time. Liking what he heard, James decided he would record her playing and throw a lead guitar part on top of it. This was where Escondido’s western/americana style was born. The duo’s first album (The Ghost of Escondido) was  released in February of 2013. It contained 10 songs, all of which were recorded live in just 1 day (no shit!). Since then, the band’s been developing a great reputation around the Music City, and has even made an appearance as a musical guest on the Conan O’Brien Show.

Not only are these guys completely brand new, but they have an undeniably distinct sound that doesn’t really exist anywhere else today. “We’ve been told it sounds like desert sex”, says James about their music. If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry. You’ll have a better idea after you take a listen to this session we recorded with the band at our office in Nashville. If you like what you hear, they’ve got tour dates and music to buy on their website!

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