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Enter Shikari @ 02 Academy Birmingham


The night is chilled, but the amount of excitement in Enter Shikari’s predominantly underage audience certainly warmed up Birmingham on Saturday night. One sold out show, three amazing bands, and a thousand or so adoring fans.

LA post-hardcore band Letlive showed any fans that hadn’t already heard of them why they’re getting all the hype that they’ve received this year – by opening the show with a bang, and receiving one huge circle pit after thirty seconds. Many people would agree that Letlive completely stole the show, although die-hard Shikari fans will disagree. Opening with their most well-known song, Casino Columbus went down like a treat and created probably one of the largest uproars of the night. Jason Butler, the front man for the LA outfit was treated like a god by the time The Sick, Sick, 6.8 billion came on after he’d climbed onto the nearby balcony and swung off of it into the crowd and was carried around for the whole song, and half of the next.

Your Demise followed, to a bigger reception, but failed to hit as hard. Fan favorite Burn Tongues received the biggest shout – with at least three pits opening in various areas of the crowd –  followed by The Kids We Used to Be. The latter’s gang vocals really united the crowd, as even the bartenders sat up on their bar and sung along.

Enter Shikari jumped straight onto stage with Destabilize, dancing and thrusting themselves from side to side. The crowd moved to the beat, and even did a mass ‘Shikari shuffle’ later on into the song. The foursome, hailing from St. Albans, UK have took the world by surprise since the release of their debut album ‘Take to the skies’, and took Birmingham by surprise with their performance.

Two of the most prominent songs of the night, were the two latest singles “Sssnakepit” and “Arguing with thermometers”. The crowd seemed to know both, even though the latter still hasn’t been officially released. Moshpits spread across the length of the 02 Academy and with the phrase “Yeah, we’re nice guys… UNTIL WE’RE NOT” uttered before a lethal breakdown, havoc erupted and a thousand teenagers turned into a thousand stampeding bulls.

With their new album out on January 9th 2012, Shikari only played two songs which have been confirmed on there. They even attempted to use Youtube remixes of their songs, to which some fans were confused completely by dubstep breakdowns when the song should have finished.

Check out their new single “Sssnakepit” on Youtube.

Written by Regan Foy