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Elliot Minor shot @ The Perch, Camberwell, London SE5 7/5/2008 Single and Press

Elliot Minor: “Parallel Worlds”

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Artist: Elliot Minor
Song: “Parallel Worlds”
Album: Ellit Minor

Elliot Minor are a classically influenced pop-rock band from Yorkshire, England. The project was formed in 2000 as a duo of thirteen year olds, before a drummer, and later a bassist and a pianist/keyboard player, joined on. Six years after formation, the band won a MySpace competition, where they earned the change to support Mcfly for one show on their Greatest Hits tour with an audience of over 13,000 people in Newcastle.

After supporting Mcfly, Elliot Minor signed to an independent label, and released their first single “Parallel Worlds,” which managed to reach #31 in the UK Charts. The song was written by the duo of Alex Davies and Ed Minton, the band’s founding members, which shows Elliot Minor’s lyrical talent almost immediately.

With two studio albums (Elliot Minor & Solaris) already under their belt, and a third dropping later this year, make sure you don’t miss out on Elliot Minor.

Written by Regan Foy

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