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elle king playing for keeps

Elle King’s “Playing for Keeps”

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WARNING: this track is hott!

Elle King is the daughter of actor, former SNL cast member, stand-up comedian and Adam Sandler film cameo superstar Rob Schneider, but is certainly making her own way with her own sound.  “Playing for Keeps”, released off King’s 4 track EP The Elle King EP in June of 2012, features the singer’s unique and sultry vocals and a back-beat that thumps with an aggressive energy that smacks you in the face. It’s aggressive in a way, without doubt. But it’s also waxy smooth and benign, which encourages joyful movement in the listener.

King is slated to release a full length album in early 2013. Until then, turn this up. Loud.

“Playing for Keeps”

Elle King’s Playing For Keeps