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Elite Gymnastics

Elite Gymnastics: “O M A R O I”

Song Of The Day

Today we bring you track 5 of our chillwave themed week. This amazing duo from Minneapolis finds their influences from artists like Whitehouse, Cut Hands, K-Pop, and Xiu Xiu. As with a lot of tracks this particular song boarders on a variety of genres like electronic, dance and even 80’s. It does seem as if a large number of chillwave bands seem to find influence in the 80’s. I have no idea if that was the duo’s intention but, I can’t help be reminded of the 80’s when I hear this track.

Who didn’t like the 80’s?

Thank you for all of your support and e-mails. The genre themed week turned into quite the success. Nearly 2,000 of you read the Chad Valley post on Tuesday! We hope we helped you find something new.

o m a m o r i by elite gymnastics