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Eels’ “New Alphabet”

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This week is the release of the Eels’ 10th studio album, ‘Wonderful, Glorious.’ To celebrate this landmark occasion  we’re featuring a song from that new release titled “New Alphabet.” Listen to this fun and groovy track that’s a much needed break from the usual gloom and loneliness usually associated with Eels songs:

Eels’ “New Alphabet”

If you just listen to the lyrics, this obviously a much a happer E (lead singer Mark Everett), where he actually says that he’s “in a good mood today” and addressing his ongoing issues in a blunt manner and make a conscious effort to set them aside saying he “needs to change what the story’s about.” For a man that’s made a whole career on being miserable, you can’t help but feel happy for the guy that he’s doing better and making music that’s a little less sad. This new single and preceding album preview “Peach Blossom” showcase E in a much more relaxed mood,  having fun and making funky rock songs with plenty of groove. Welcome to the lighter side of life, Eels.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer