Editor’s Thoughts: Phoenix marvelously ups the anti & releases the multi-tracks to “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” - OurVinyl

Editor’s Thoughts: Phoenix marvelously ups the anti & releases the multi-tracks to “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”

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It is no secret that Phoenix’s album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” has put this band from Versailles on the map, the global map that is. It also isn’t classified information that Phoenix is very open to, and encouraging of, people remixing their music. And they have been obliged as the songs in Wolfgang has been remixed just as much as any album of the last few years. Yet Phoenix made an announcement a couple days ago that really shows how progressive, and well downright cool, this band apparently is. They have made available to the public, at no expense, the break-out tracks of each and every track from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. (click here to get the downloads)

For those of you who don’t understand what this means; now anyone can have access to the dry recordings of each songs, from each instrument and vocalist. That means one can effect, control, and mix the bass, kick, snare, high hat, guitar, vocals, etc. just how they please! So now even the most amateur of engineers (attention anyone with garageband) can mix and master a personal version of this popular album. One has to understand that this really never happens, especially when the music of the band concerned is so well known. In fact having the breakout tracks, without permission, from any released album is considered a crime – and not just of the jay-walking type. Producers, engineers and studios cherish and protect these tracks as they are part of what they worked so hard to create.
But apparently as Phoenix comes to the end of touring this album in America, which they have been playing since 2009, I guess they felt that they have milked everything they can from these recordings and now are giving them back to their fans to “play with” as they see fit – as a thank you. As they say on their site, “”We want to thank you with a few presents before our last shows in the U.S. for a while. (You never know how long we’ll take to record the next album.)” THANK YOU PHOENIX! This move single handedly reawakened my desire to do amateur home mixing in about 22 seconds.

The whole idea that this band has toured and greatly prospered, at length, due to this album – and then once they felt they have gained everything they can from the recordings they release them back to the public in its most basic form so they can create their own versions of the songs they came to love. WOW. Is this a sign of things to come? Will musicians begin to see their music as public property once they have gotten their fill from the results of that music? Probably not, but you never know. Either way Phoenix has up’ed the anti within the movement of band’s releasing costless musical material through their own websites. I don’t know what the effect of this move will be. But I do know that the move itself is stupendously marvelous and in a way inspiring (at least for those of us who can’t wait to start making our own version of their songs!).

Bravo Phoenix – now get started on that next album.
Below is the letter Phoenix wrote explaining why they want their fans to have the multi-tracks…

The note from Phoenix explaining their move