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Duran Duran A Diamond in the Mind

Duran Duran’s ‘A Diamond in the Mind’ – Album Review

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After more than three decades since its conception, Duran Duran is going on tour again with possibly even more eyeliner and hair product than before. And what better way to stir decades-long fans’ emotions than a live album of (mostly) songs they already know? It also makes a prompt follow-up to the 2011 Mark Ronson-produced “All You Need is Now,” which doesn’t hurt the group’s chances at relevancy.

The release of the concert CD, recorded at Manchester’s MEN arena in December 2011, nearly coincides with their concert in Hyde park in honor of the London Olympics. Perhaps a new crop of fans will result. Even though they should sample earlier studio albums first, novices could do worse than delving into these live versions of those 80s synth pop staples. The record doesn’t possess the problems that many concert albums have, like off-key vocals and new, slaughtered versions of tried-and-true tracks.

Duran Duran’s Ordinary World

Old standbys blend in well with a few recent tracks, like the Ronson-produced “Blame the Machines.” Its hydraulic noises punctuate a chorus full of the characteristic backup “whoa”s, making the group’s successful formula even more palatable for modern audiences.

“Ordinary World” is just as chill inducing as the first time you heard it. It surely benefits from its slow pace that helps it excel as an inaudibly-sing-and-sway number that some of the faster-paced counterparts don’t. To put it simply, there’s a fair amount of screaming on this CD.

A Duran Duran live record wouldn’t be worth its weight — even as a digital download — if it didn’t end with “Rio.” This one does in a near-perfect rendition that captures the hysteria of the band back in its heyday (and today amongst its fans still holding strong).

This live album won’t exactly induce current 20-somethings into screaming fits in the front row. But there’s already enough of that in the background of this CD. Instead, it’s a sufficient replacement for those that can’t or won’t dish out the hefty admission price to their tour. At least we have the Olympics opening ceremony.

Written by Elizabeth Lilly

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