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Dumbo Gets Mad: Plumy Tale

Song Of The Day

Artist: Dumbo Gets Mad
Song: “Plumy Tale”
Album: Elephants at the Door

Dumbo Gets Mad, originally from northern Italy but now sitting pretty in Los Angeles, California, is bringing psychedelic rock to a new generation. Elephants at the Door, an album that’s finding its way onto a bunch of year-end lists, is a sprawling voyage through lands unknown, and a ticket for the ride only costs a cozy chair, a quiet room, and a nice pair of headphones.

Below you’ll find “Plumy Tale,” an acid-trip jam you’ll swear you heard coming from your parent’s garage stereo, showing obvious influences from the likes of Pink Floyd and the Doors. As an added bonus, if you love what you hear as much as we did, you can check out the entire album, for free, right here.

Written by Dean Goranites

Dumbo Gets Mad – Plumy Tale by xemper