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DrFameus “Velvet Rope” : AURA Music & Arts Preview

Song Of The Day

Artist: DrFameus
Song: “Velvet Rope”
Album: Live Recording, Richmond, VA

The concept of a drummer / live musician combo is something that is still fairly new and was most recently brought to the forefront of live music by Pretty Lights’ (former) collaboration of Derek Smith and Adam Deitch.

Even more cutting edge is the idea of a DJ and live instrument artist rolled into one. We bring you DrFameus, from Columbus, GA. You may already know DrFameus. The pseudonym is an old Berklee College nickname of Allen Aucoin’s, the current (since 2005) drummer for the Disco Biscuits. The versatile drummer and producer has played over 450 shows with the Biscuits and is now hitting the circuit in this innovative side project.

Bring a whole new dimension to his music and performance, Aucoin’s DJ/drumming combo shines in today’s song, “Velvet Rope.” The song is layered with dirty basslines on synth, a twinkling high pitched melody, and an organ toned middle. This is all done over a steady live drum beat, improvised, as well as some electronic drum sampling. Generally his music ranges from breakbeats, to drum ‘n’ bass, to dubstep, and techno/house. Check out his SoundCloud for more and catch him at Aura Festival next weekend.

DrFameus – Velvet Rope (Richmond, VA) by DrFameus/Allen Aucoin

Meghan Bender