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we'll be fine

Drake’s “We’ll Be Fine”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is aimed at getting your Saturday evening rambunctious as quickly as possible. It is Drake’s “We’ll Be Fine”, which is off of his latest album Take Care, a surprisingly versatile and adroitly constructed hip hop album (seriously, Drake, way to step it up). This song is a sure head-nodder, it’s club friendly but with a enjoyable little dash of gansta rap as well. The sample that the song starts with, and centers around, seems to just be an effected recording of someone shouting something with 4 syllables. You can’t tell what’s being said but it sure is still a great sound. Drake approaches the beat with a couple different rhyming rhythms, which is his style, but he really hits the nail on the head in this one. And then there is the fact that Birdman is featured, just to make sure it has the requisite amount of street cred.

As Drake says in the song, “I’m trying to let go of the past, should we make this one a double? – you ain’t even gotta ask…” Enjoy your Saturday everyone, and yes, make that first one a double!