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Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog’s “The Truth”

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Some people call it indie folk, others baroque pop, some other 60’s pop revival: I like to call any of Dr. Dog’s efforts a good luck charm to make my ears and heart feel alive again.

Not long ago, back in 2012, the band had just released Be The Void and, barely in two months from now, their new album B-Room will see the light of day and we already have a first glimpse of it: The Truth. This writer is curious, are we sure they are not grandsons of any of The Beach Boys or just really young looking elders from the 60’s? This track is pure sixties magic all the way through, that sort of magic that used to take you away to new unknown places as you smelled a vinyl, looked at the inner cover and the needle hit the record.

Picture yourself inside a church with a giant organ filling up the place and a tiny toy piano next to you, being played right next to your ear, as the church’s choir sings for you and only you while the world is pouring down outside: that’s the place The Truth takes you to, every single time. And it is a really nice place to go when physical transportation isn’t available.

Members of the band say this is the most comfortable and complete album in their careers. I can’t wait to be let inside that B-Room.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

OurVinyl | Senior Writer



Dr. Dog’s “The Truth”