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Dogcatcher: “Lay Back Down”

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Dogcatcher’s unique blend of jazz, soul, indie rock and folk is rooted in the band’s origins, where each of the four bandmates tastes have sculpted their sound.

While guitarist Ryan Kingsmith came from an indie rock background, drummer Ramon Esquival has always been partial to hip hop. Singer Andrew Heine developed his skills from a jazz background, and bassist Jared Milos had played bass in a reggae band for years.

It’s Easy, Dogcatcher’s sophomore effort, is the first full-length release to include the entire band. KILR, the first album under the Dogcatcher name, was a solo effort from lead singer and keyboardist Heine.

While KILR was a laid back, relaxing set of songs, It’s Easy has found a more upbeat tempo, intentionally written to liven up the band’s live show.

“It’s Easy is written with the same intellectual intent as KILR, but there are definitely more parts where it’s fun, where everyone can feel good and relate to it,” says Heine.

Check out “Lay Back Down” from It’s Easy below, filmed live by our friends over at Noise Coalition.


Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor