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DJ Shadow’s “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt” (Nit Grit Mix)

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Song: Building Steam with a Grain of Sale (Nit Grit Mix)

Artist: DJ Shadow

Album: N/A

DJ Shadow’s Building Steam with a Grain of Salt is one of his best displays of technique and sampling which has made him so prominent and successful among similar artists within the genres that facilitate slower hip-hop influenced tracks. oday we explore how these influences are being adapted to other genres where within some motifs the producer can achieve more poignant soundscapes. Nit Grit, a bass heavy producer from San Jose, produces exclusively original tracks spanning from many genres of electronic music, using catchy and precise riffs.  The beginning of this track is misleading for it is essentially the beginning sequence for DJ Shadow’s original track.  However, soon we see it is a bit faster and the drums are not distant and rock-like as in the original, but hard and steady as the dubstep beat progresses.  The lead is highlighted and then we blast off into an intense track that just keeps giving. He is able to seamlessy shift from drum and bass to dubstep to hip hop with great control.  Nit Grit is especially meticulous with all of his productions, this being one of his simplest hooks, essentially relying on his filters to feed the chiming theme.  Enjoy the track as it is a perfect introduction to a new artist that will continue to impress and more importantly, be the producer.

By Danny Goodman