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Dirty Projectors — “Gun Has No Trigger”

Song Of The Day

Experimental indie-rockers Dirty Projectors released their newest album, Swing Lo Magellan, this past July, making it the band’s seventh LP. Frontman Dave Longstreth wrote, recorded, and produced the album in upstate New York, looking to create an album of individual songs rather than tracks with an overarching theme — the first time he would attempt to make such an album.


The first single off Swing Lo Magellan, “Gun Has No Trigger,” was released in March of 2012, amping up an already energized fan base that had grown considerably since the release of Bitte Orca in 2009.

More beat driven then ever, Swing Lo Magellan still prominently features some of the most beautiful vocal work you’ll hear from a 2012 release. It hit #50 on Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Albums of 2012, and as high as #15 on Pitchfork’s similar list.


Written by Dean Goranites | Associate Editor