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Ronnie James Dio

Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark”

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Happy Birthday Ronnie James Dio! You may be gone but you’ll never be forgotten. As one of the fathers of metal, it seems only right we honor this incredible singer’s birthday with easily his most well-known song, “Rainbow in the Dark,” from the debut album of his band Dio. Bask in the ridiculous 80s splendor of the music video:

Everything about this song is classic metal: soaring vocals, wicked guitar solo and a beat you can bang your head to. This song launched a long and successful solo career that saw brief returns to Black Sabbath and continued creation of show-stopping metal tunes. Also, as a bit of trivia, Dio is considered the person to have popularized the “devil horns” metal symbol that looks something like this: \m/ The irony of this heavy association with devil horns? Dio was actually a religious man. Sadly, Dio was taken home to the halls of Metal Valhalla in 2010 due to stomach cancer. Thankfully we’ll always have his amazing music to remember this incredible musician.

If you’d like the donate to the Ronnie James Dio ‘Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund’ in honor of his birthday, please click here.

Written By Jarad Matula

OurVinyl | Senior Writer