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Desert Dolls “House of Dogs” – Today’s Song of the Day

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Blasting a haunting and sexual-driven blues rock rhythm, House Of Dogs came as an early taste from Desert Dolls’ first EP Hell Is Empty & All The Devils Are Here, an album in the making.

House Of Dogs tells the tale of the typical love trap women turn out to be. Coming out of nowhere and haunting a man’s conscience and turning into pure insanity. A perfect theme for music born out of the blues.

As a band born in México City, the members John Wolf, Aney Rangel, Eduardo Veneno Lacayo and Lester Franco were raised surrounded by the vast mix of cultures the city gathered throughout the years. Huge fans of English director Guy Ritchie’s work, they craft each song as a possible soundtrack for one of his movies. This work formula has given birth to raw bass driven riffs and howling vocals.

Desert Dolls are currently putting the final touches on their first EP, planning their first international tour by the beginning of 2013 through the U.S., adding more dates to their national tour and recording a video for their second single, Nocturnal.

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Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer