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Depeche Mode’s “Heaven”

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Tonight Depeche Mode headline Friday night’s Austin City Limits Festival for the second weekend in a row. While the band is mostly known for their club thumping energetic numbers like “Personal Jesus” and “Just Can’t Get Enough,” there are also masters of the slow and beautiful ballad as well. “Heaven,” taken from their 2013 album ‘Delta Machine’ is a striking ballad mixing stark piano and electronics. For a band in their fourth decade of existence, the vocals are incredibly powerful and on par with anything both David Gahan and Martin Gore have ever sung as far as range and melody. Listen:

It’s been quite a victorious year for this veteran group. Depeche Mode released ‘Delta Machine,’ which many, myself included, feel is their best album in quite some time, and their tour for this album is nothing short of incredible. Frontman David Gahan prowls the stage like a God among men, captivating the audience with his every syllable and their songs new and old melding together as a potent explosion of dancing and (black) celebration. If you haven’t caught these guys live, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Modern bands may be fantastic and all, but I challenge you to find very many new bands that have the commanding stage presence that Depeche Mode has.

Written By Jarad Matula

OurVinyl | Senior Writer