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DeLuna Music Festival Preview

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DeLuna Music Festival Preview

Labor day is long gone as we are now engrained in the daily activities of the school and working year. That means that summer is over. Beach days are months away and that new skirt you bought in April will not get much use until mother nature decides to warm up in the Spring.

If that sounds deflating, there is an antidote out there. A recurring event that can transport you back to a few more days of beach time as well as one last memorable weekend before you pack it in for the year. DeLuna Music festival can absolve all your worries.

Next weekend from October 14 through the 16, The white sands of Pensacola Beach, Florida will be playing Host to a multi stage music festival that offers one of the most eclectic and balanced bills from the long festival season. The range of artists varies from mainstream nostalgic acts like Weezer to the more current and emerging bands and musicians.

Below is a highlight playlist from DeLuna’s lineup for your listening pleasure…


Boasting as the nations first beachside music festival, DeLuna is facilitating that serene summer-like experience one last time before fall truly begins to settle in. Being that the festival is located on a beach, literally, one can expect to be barefoot aside the cool gulf breeze while dancing around the coast with friends. The festival is conveniently offering a hotel stay in the property of the actual festival itself. There is not a much safer and better way of getting home than taking an elevator straight to your seaside room after a long day of festival antics.

On this year’s bill, one can find acts that will satisfy the taste for hip-hop, rock, dubstep, electronic dance music, jam, and a group of budding musicians and bands that will surely impress. The major and more household names featured in the beachside festival is Jane’s Addiction, Girl Talk, and the Shins. Some more obscure, but nonetheless talented, acts include Ladytron and Givers.

Sprawling across six stages, this year’s festivities are sure to entertain with ease.

See the weekend’s full schedule by clicking here, however here are a few acts to make sure you catch:

Ladytron: Ladytron is an English electronic band that plays synth influenced pop that will have concertgoers dancing into the wee hours of the night. They have been making music for nearly ten years and continue to create relevant and catchy dance tunes in a live setting.

The Shins: Since being catapulted into the mainstream with their featured hit “Let Go” Featured on the soundtrack of The Garden State, The Shins have been headlined across the country in both festivals and concert venues. Their style of music ranges from pop to more mellow sounds, perfect for the beach.

Diplo: If you are able to stray away from the main stage Saturday night, Diplo will be providing a proper dance party.  His style of music can be associated with breakbeats including influences from many genres of electronic compositions. Hailing for the Mad Decent Record label, Diplo has been a major player in emerging electronic producers growth for a number of years.

Big Boi: Made famous through the legendary hip-hop duet Outkast, Big Boi has his own voice outside of the Atlanta based project as seen through his first solo album Speakerboxxx. Usually, rap performances lack the precision and manicured professional sound that the studio version of their tracks convey.  However, Big Boi’s performance is a non-stop rager, performing not only his tracks, but songs that were composed years and years ago that you will be singing along to.

The Revivalists: Since originating in New Orleans, this young fresh group of amigos have been steadily building a fan base around the gulf coast region. With a huge band featuring a horn section and powerful vocals, The Revivalists not only bring the party with stellar songwriting, but these guys can totally rock out.

Dinosaur Feathers: Hailing from Brooklyn, this five piece band not only has an enticing name, but has tunes that are pleasant catchy and perfect for beach time day  music. The band sounds much like a mix between Animal Collective and Matt and Kim. This emerging sound of indie rock has evolved over the years and Dinosaur Feathers exhibits the next step in this progression.

The DeLuna Music Festival has all the elements of the normal festival experience. The opportunity to wander aimlessly and learn about and listen to new and exciting music is thrilling.  However, this festival is special due to its serene setting. We look forward to being a part of it, as you should too.

To purchase tickets or to learn more about the festivites – click here!

Written by Danny Goodman