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Deftones’ “Back To School”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Deftones
Song: ”Back To School (Mini Maggit)”
Album: White Pony

It’s the week after Labor Day weekend. You know what that means–other than not wearing white, of course. It means that pretty much everybody’s back in school (that should be in school anyway). So how could a song be any more appropriate for the week than the lead-in track from Deftones’ classic album White Pony? The song is driving and propulsive, loud and yet at the same time has beautiful moments of melodic guitar and soaring vocals. It’s a perfect example of the bridge between the two styles the band so gracefully maneuvers between. Crank this one up on your way to school and try not to bob your head and get psyched up for the day!

As a bit of trivia for this track, it was the last thing recorded for the album. It was recorded so late in fact, that the first print of the album didn’t even include the song, instead starting with “Feiticeira.” The only hint of the melody of the song came in the long, drawn-out album closer “Pink Maggit.” The band didn’t even want to include the song on the album, feeling as if the “rapping” in the song didn’t represent where the were as band anymore, nor did it reflect the direction of the album itself. Regardless, at this point in their career the record label got their way and old school Deftones fans that loved their rap-rock/nu-metal stylings rejoiced at a song that hinted at their roots. Regardless, it’s still a fantastic track and maybe just this one time, the record label made the right choice.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer