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Death Grips: “Beware”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Death Grips
Song: “Beware”
Album: Exmilitary

Death Grips. You wanted a new face in hip hop, a group that’s taking the scene and standing it on its head? Your wish has been granted — but be prepared for some twisted lyricism and haunting beats that might make you nervous to be home alone. The first time I listened to them, my computer went haywire and had to be rebooted. Most say it was coincidence. I say it was Death Grips.

Led by MC Ride and backed by a live band including Zach Hill, famed math rock drummer from Hella among other projects, Death Grips is 18+ music. Don’t let this stuff blare in the car with your children in the back seat. Take for example the opening track off of Exmilitary, which starts with a infamous rant from none other than Charles Manson, before exploding into an intense blast of intimidating sound as MC Ride repeats “I am the beast I worship.” You can check out the track below.

Like what you hear? the band offers up the entire album for free over at their website, thirdworlds.net, along with the seperated tracks of each song for your own remixing pleasure, if beat-making is your thing. Long live Death Grips.

Written by Dean Goranites