Today's song is Deadmau5's "Vanishing Point" - OurVinyl

Deadmau5’s “Vanishing Point”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song of the day has a simple and straightforward purpose, to be enjoyed in either a party like atmosphere, or to get you going before your party time begins. As we say adieu to 2011, and welcome in twenty-twelve, it’s only proper to let Deadmau5 help us celebrate with a dancer of a tune. Who better to put you into that certain mindset? So let the structured dance beat seep into your mind and feet. This is a time for communal celebrations, a rare holiday that we all excitedly celebrate. So let the Mau5 be your musical caffeine, and kick-start your night of revelry.

¬°HAPPY NEW YEAR! From OurVinyl to you and yours…