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Deadmau5’s “Raise Your Weapon”

Song Of The Day

Song: Raise Your Weapon

Artist: Deadmau5

LP: 4 x 4 = 12

As the first substantially “spring’ish” day descends upon many of us, it is only right for today’s song to be one of celebration. “Raise Your Weapon” is one of the singles off of Deadmau5’s latest album. It starts off slow with a grand piano being the central focus and tone-setter, with the lyricist getting – for a Deadmau5 song – an unusual amount of attention. Quickly the beat comes in, along with pulsating periphery sounds, but it never fully develops – until around the 4th minute when out of nowhere a gritty and intense dubstep beat comes in and you know you have reached the intended energy plateau. But the vocals remain in their whispy and soft manner that they began in, juxtaposing with the almost industrial beat behind it. It’s a great clash. Eventually the energy subsides and the piano takes the foreground as the emotions go “full circle”. This song, besides being another awesomely raw track from Deadmau5, is a great introduction to the potential of the dubstep genre for people unfamiliar with this ever-growing sub-genre. Enjoy!