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Deadmau5’s “Fauxing Berlin”

Song Of The Day

Song: Fauxing Berlin

Artist: Deadmau5

It is rumored that today’s song, Deadmau5’s Fauxing Berlin, is the one that got Deadmau5’s career really started, after some Berlin DJ fell in love with it and played it often. Leave it to the Germans to find the next DJ star. But really, his popularity was just a matter of time. This song is great because a) it’s great, and b) it showcases what can be great about a Deadmau5 musical concoction; a hard hitting backbone, well-crafted movements that transform at just the right speed, and a plethora of highly cared for audiophile-friendly sounds. It’s quasi-dark, quasi-upbeat, a little introverted and a little rave’ish. It’s walking those lines that has made Deadmau5’s music appeal to so many people. Oh yeah, and it’s a great song to inject energy into your Saturday. Enjoy!