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deadmau5’s “Failbait”

Song Of The Day

When thinking about what would be fitting for a Friday, it’s not hard, you know it should be something with some spice. Something to get people in that weekend mood. Today’s song of the day is deadmau5’s “Failbait”, which features Cypress Hill. This is a song off the up and coming deadmau5 album ‘>insert album title here<‘, which drops at the end of September.

This song features a seamless integration between progressive house (with a dash of dub) and hip hop. The beat does sound like deadmau5 sounds, save the hip hop snare-clap, and the slightly reduced tempo. But that doesn’t reduce the energy, as Cypress injects a lot of energy with their beat-riding lyrics. Yeah, some of it is about smoking weed, go figure. But the beat – lyric integration is better here than on many of Cypress’ other recent material. And you gotta love that little wub thrown into the bass line, nothing over the top, just enough to add a pleasant flavor.

Enjoy your Friday!

deadmau5’s Failbait ft. Cypress Hill