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Deadmau5’s ‘Derp’

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Dubstep is not for everyone, but recently it has become in vogue for a lot of people, and most DJs/producers have taken notice. Some of those lucky enough to have gotten in on the ground floor of the movement are currently enjoying amazing success (Skrillex, Bassnectar). Deadmau5, on the other hand, likes to play with this style of music as opposed to fully diving into it. And like other things that he does, he has found success with this attitude. Think of the short, but powerful, Dub breakdown in his recent popular song “Raise Your Weapon”.

With Derp however we find the Mau5 just having some Dub fun with an unreleased track. Yet he still hits his mark. There is the subtle tempo slow down, the Dub beat timing (taken from Reggae, hence “Dub”), and the fun-loving womping sound – which is put to good use. It’s different, enticing, and makes you want to dance. That’s good Dubstep. It’s also only 3 1/2 min long and knows when to stop, also part of good Dubstep. Enjoy!