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Dead Can Dance Anastasis

Dead Can Dance’s “Anastasis” – Album Review

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At long last, there is new music from the pioneers of the gothic tinged new age world fusion band, Dead Can Dance. Formed in Australia in 1981 by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, then disbanded in 1998 and eventually reunited in 2011, the release “Anastasis” is the first new music from the band in almost 16 years.

dead can dance anastasis reviewFor long time fans of the band, there is little to be disappointed about with “Anastasis”. For all the years that have elapsed between their 1996 album, “Spiritchaser” and the new release, the same ethereal energy is present, with a sound that is – and always has been – truly distinct to the band.

As on previous releases, the vocals are split between Gerrard and Perry, and the album opens with the track, Children of the Sun, which has a sort of psychedelic, almost Doors-esque type of vibe to it, blending a mix of horns and harpsichord-like synthesizers in a way only DCD have ever been able to pull off. Perry’s vocals also haven’t lost a thing over the years and successfully added to the unique and ancient instrumentation, which when combined along with the sound of newer music technology makes for a sincerely powerful opening track.

Dead Can Dance’s Kiko

One of the stand out songs on the release for Perry’s vocals is the mystical, ancient and middle-eastern sounding blend that is Agape, which gives Gerrard a chance to show that her pipes haven’t rusted over the years either. Her voice has an ethereal quality that pierces through the song that provides a distinct middle-eastern flair, and all the while sounding as though she is at one with the cosmos.

Dead Can Dance’s Anastasis

dead can dance anastasis reviewOther stand out tracks on the album are Opium, which features Perry’s impressive baritone voice against a backdrop of music that, while still having that neo-classical sound, a distinct electronic influence can be heard woven into the backdrop of the track. It is a dramatic track that soars to highs and lows all within the a few measures.

For all of its uniqueness, Dead Can Dance has never been a band for everyone. But for those who can appreciate and immerse themselves in the music and take the journey, this latest venture is worth the ride.

The album, “Anastasis” is available now via the band’s website at and can be purchased on several formats, including a very impressive double vinyl gatefold pressed on clear vinyl for the collector. Currently the band is on tour, supporting the new album with a few American dates left before setting off on a tour of Europe in mid-September through October and a tour through Mexico in November.

Written By Christina Lawler

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