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Dawn of Midi's "Nix"

Dawn of Midi’s “Nix”

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Jazz trio Dawn of Midi made a name for themselves with their free jazz debut First a couple years back with a focus on restraint: rhythms begging for further melodic heft, sparse keys and contrabass encircling one another in a more typical jazz improv feel that jazz heads have come to know and love from bands like The Bad Plus and others.

Their sophomore effort is noticeably different, and noticeably trailblazing a path from jazz to electronica by-way-of live instrumentation. Check the 4th track from Dysnomia and try to follow how all three instruments are different meter, yet still synergies to lock together somehow for some propulsive trance.

Written by Case Newsom
OurVinyl | Senior Writer

Dawn of Midi’s “Nix”