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Dawn of Midi’s “Algol”

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Dawn of Midi sounds like electronic music, something akin to Dan Deacon’s style of expression through repetition with subtle alterations massaged in. And yet, the Brooklyn, NY trio play all their music on an upright piano, contrabass, and standard drum kit — not unlike your traditional jazz set up.

Dawn of Midi started as a more traditional jazz trio, working on live improvisation in dark rooms and darker night clubs. It was only on their most recent album, “Dysnomia,” where Dawn of Midi took a turn for the grid-like structure of their composition, a rhythmic beat so steady and reliable that it feels like an old friend. Maybe the track featured below, “Algol,” won’t blow your mind open with new ideas of consciousness and the universe, but it sure does keep you company for long stretches of time — especially when paired with its brother and sister tracks on “Dysnomia,” where each song bleeds seamlessly into one another for one delightfully trippy ride.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor