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Dark Dark Dark: “Daydreaming”

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dark dark darkArtist: Dark Dark Dark
Song: ”Daydreaming”
Album: Wild Go

The drums start a slow shuffle as a haunting piano line reminiscent of Elliott Smith’s best ballads enchants the listener immediately. Lead chanteuse Nona Marie Invie enters the fray with her beautiful yet plaintive voice. It’s not vocal theatrics that win over listeners in her delivery. Instead it’s the powerful everywoman that makes listeners identify with her ideas. This could be you or your girlfriend singing. It’s something warm and familiar. Just the way she delivers the line “oh if you knew what it meant to me,” is enough to give one chills.

This is the best well-known track from Minneapolis band and the second track from their 2010 album Wild Go. It’s not catchy in the traditional pop single sense, but it will certainly get under your skin and into your heart quickly if given the chance. It occupies a musical space somewhere between traditional folk ballad and hymn.

It’s only Monday friends. Take a moment to relax with this song and turn your mind off. Let it wander to beautiful and enchanting places with the help of this fantastic song from the incredibly talented Dark Dark Dark.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer