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d'angelo and the testimony

D’Angelo and the Testimony: Sugar Daddy

Song Of The Day

Artist: D’Angelo and the Testimony
Song: “Sugar Daddy”

More than a decade after his sensual hit, “Untitled” (How Does It Feel), the soul crooner D’Angelo returned with an electrifying performance from the 2012 BET Awards show.



During the performance, audiences worldwide were able to indulge in some of his timeless tunes from the past, before he followed up and ended his act with his new single, “Sugar Daddy.” Clocking in at over 10 minutes of groovy guitar licks and intimate vocals, this upbeat sinuous new jam detonates into funky piano riffs and harmonious voices has the limelight buzzing about D’Angelo’s return.

Bravo, sir. Welcome back.

Written by:
Mitchelle Williams | Our Vinyl Contributor

Note: The Soundcloud stream featured above is a recording from a similar set recently played in Sweeden.