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Dan Deacon’s “Konono Ripoff No. 1”

Song Of The Day

In honor of Record Story Day, Dan Deacon released a 7″ this year featuring the track “Konono Ripoff No. 1”. On side A, drummers Kevin O’Meara and Jeremy Hyman handle the track’s percussion. Flip the record over, and you’re treated to Denny Bowen and Dave Jacober’s drum work on the same song.

Dan Deacon held an Instagram contest for the photo used on the 7″‘s cover, looking for something that resonated with his recently released album “America.” The photo needed to include a particular flag that Deacon had been selling at shows — you can see the entire collection of submissions here.

The track is a crazy one, more traditional in terms of Deacon’s style, which he somewhat strayed from on “America.” Plenty of punk infused into his repertoire of electronic instruments makes this track scream, in an invigorating blast of energy.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor